The general line of thinking has always been that hats are the perfect accessory for rectifying—or at least hiding—a bad hair day, but I’d like to pose the question of which came first: the hat, or the bad hair day? A strategic topper will shield bad bangs or a greasy scalp, but there’s also a chance that it’ll leave an otherwise solid hairstyle looking a damn mess. You win some; you lose some.

Between the humidity, random thunderstorms, and feeling hot in general, my hair is a total mess from June until the middle of September. I chopped it off a few months ago, so it’s not that long right now, but last year I was dealing with a LOT of hair… and it’s super uncomfortable.

The new graduate looks lovely in this blue outfit. A plaid dress shirt, grey shoes, and black belt. The wrist-watch, textured skinny tie, and socks complete the look. A silver tie pin holds the tie in place. Graduates wear a robe over their outfits, so unrolling the sleeves on this outfit will make it perfect for a graduation outfit

Date-night hairstyles are perhaps the main attribute in your image if you’re getting ready for a date. It supplies you a range of choices for creating and improvising hairstyles. It’s fun and provides you a bit more room once it comes to styling.

Every girl knows, if you are looking for cool dope fashion and outfit ideas for girls, then it would not go astray to look at Bohemian & Gypsy outfits. The boho style was about embodying the principles of these ideas, such as free-flowing fabrics and designs. See our collection of the best hippy and boho outfits.

You can buy a lot of good furniture, but with a few hacks you can make it great. Take a little time this weekend to create an awesome arcade console coffee table, minimal floating desk, or one of many awesome DIY furniture upgrades you can perform on the cheap.

They say that shoes can make a man. And with the right pair, anything is possible. Shop our selection of brand-name athletic, casual and dress shoes for men—and see where your next steps will lead.

A cellar remodeling project ought to be selected so that it fits within the area available for it; it is a typical error that people typically make and also end up getting frustrated.