95 Funky Men’s Undercut Hairstyles and Haircuts

Hairstyle trends are changing through time and you can adopt many different and unique styles for simple yet modern looks. Undercut style has been popular among young men who like to show off their style and create unique and cool styles. You can add undercut to any hairstyle but it looks really great with medium to short hairstyles. You can style the long hair on top for different occasions and it would be very easy to style.

The medium length haircut actually long hair on top should be layered because it won’t look good with undercut style. The undercut is basically a shaved hairstyle so it would be nicely tapered to create modern and cool style.

Most guys choose to cut their hair short on the sides and back with a little length on top. And while there are plenty of popular classic looks, barbers around the world are constantly creating some stylish new cuts. By combining a cool taper fade or undercut with a comb over, crop, faux hawk, or quiff, you can walk out of your local barbershop with an awesome short haircut.


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