3 Good Patio Design with Painted Tiles in Backyard

The patio is the part that gives the impression against the owner when someone looks at a home in the backyard is no exception. See how important the patio, some specifically crafted. Before you replace the floor terrace or patio (backyard), it is important to determine the type of flooring to suit taste or budget. Tiles painting indeed be one of the models that are currently popular patio tiles.

By selecting the tiles for the floor painting home, you are able to minimize the budget. Because the price of tiles is quite affordable when compared with the floor made of marble or granite. Before installing the tiles on the floor, you should look at the size, color, and texture of the surface. Choose a color that is not too bright because the backyard is already exposed to the Sun. Backyard patio to choose Tile texture grainy.

If you perform the installation of the tiles themselves, to get a good result, tiles in soak for 10 minutes prior to the installation process so that the floor covering ceramic fused with stucco. Install the tiles with the tapping part of the surface using a nut color similar to the tiles. In order to display the tiles looked shiny and then Polish.

The benefits of installing the tiles a treatment are quite easy. The tiles have very good durability, do not absorb water so it is not easily destroyed or decayed. The surface of the tiles is not slippery. Although you install tiles on the terrace in the backyard and exposed to rain, it will not make this faded or slippery floor tiles. These durable tiles are also suitable for use in the patio or indoors.

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