31 Canopies Plants Ideas Make Beautiful Garden

Many ways can be done to make your minimalist gardens increasingly attractive. One of them is by using the plant vines as exterior decorating, be it on a fence, wall, or canopy. Plant vines used for decorating outdoors. The vines are one of the types of plants that could be options for designing a garden dream of you.

There are many choices of types of vines, both vines on walls or canopies that you can select in accordance with the needs of the garden design that you want. Plant vines on canopy not only make your garden more beautiful, but the decoration of the plant vines are also able to supply oxygen. The existence of the plant vines, the garden looks beautiful and comfortable, it doesn’t look stiff.

Vines for canopy you can choose among others: the first Jasmine irian, there are two kinds of color from the flower on this one, i.e. reddish orange and blue. Its growth also quickly so that you don’t have to wait long to feel the beauty and coolness. The second Mandevilla, generally pink and white Lake. Mandevilla vines plants can be propagated on the iron.

The third dollar Plant plant type vines most used to coat the outer wall. The plant consists of a dollar broad-leaved and Evergreen. Vines for a canopy is not flowering, green all the year round, and can grow very dense. The last Morning Glory, a morning glory plants All produce beautiful funnel-shaped flowers with a variety of colors such as white, red, blue, purple and yellow with heart-shaped leaves.

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