30 Creative Decoration to Make A Colorful Boys Bedroom

Designing a bedroom is indeed something that is not easy. In addition to considering the room is a private room for someone. The children of the world are full of joy. They like something colorful. Colorful concept indeed is never far from the world of children. Therefore give priority to comfort a child when a break. Padded mattresses and lighting are pretty important.

You can find inspiration in advance to determine the design that is fitting for a boy’s bedroom. The usual pattern of funny picture applied to children’s rooms. You need to know the joy of children. If your child loves animals, then you can enter the Zoo theme to his room. You can use the animals to display pictorial curtain like in a zoo or animal wallpapers. Children cannot be separated from the world of the play, you can also design a bedroom and play. In addition, you can choose to use a bed above. With the space under the bed can be used as a playroom.

If you like the theme of the sea, you can take the concept of a pirate in the bedroom. The sea is identical to the color blue. This can be created by repainting the walls with blue color, put a blanket and carpet the color of the floor of the sea water. Because of the blue color in addition to a match for the boy, a cheerful impression can still be felt. For wall hangings, you can add with the painting of the ocean and put some fish stuffed.

Not only is the blue color, but the color of lighter paint may also be applied to the walls of the room of your child. Mauve or Lavender can be your choice because this color has a meaning high creativity, and exudes an aura of positivity in the bedroom. Then the yellow color which will certainly give the impression of a cheerful bedroom for children. The lighting is pretty important for a child’s bedroom. Keep your child’s room get enough sunlight. For the evening, you can use Dim lighting to break it. And don’t forget to complete your child’s study table with each lamp. That’s what the boys’ room design inspiration that can be applied in your home.

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