30 Big Bedroom Idea with Farmhouse Design

A farmhouse is a style of interior design with a rural atmosphere and blends with nature into the room of the house. This can be an option for those of you who like peace, comfort. The farmhouse-style interior design often presents a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can present this style in colors like brown, light yellow, brick red, cream, white, orange to dark blue in your bedroom.

Besides that, you can also install shiplap walls. Shiplap walls are characteristic of farmhouse room designs. Shiplap walls are wooden wall coatings which generally have stripes. Choose shiplap walls with soft or firm colors. Besides shiplap walls, you can also use patterned wallpapers. Complete your bedroom with wood or bamboo furniture.

So that farmhouse room designs are more colorful but still bring peace, use pastel or flower-patterned bed sheets and curtains. Add classically patterned carpets in your room. You can decorate walls with carvings, cowboy hats or fedora. Place a matching colored candle holder with the design of the room above the side table bed so that the antique elements appear.

Don’t forget you also need to pay attention to the lighting in your room. In addition to ventilation, wide windows also help sunlight and illuminate all rooms with the appropriate portion. So that the farmhouse style becomes more visible you can also use bamboo baskets to store items.

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