32 Hanging Plants Ideas For Wall Decoration Your Apartment

The apartment is a residence that consists of a sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen which is located on one floor of a multi-story building. Inside the multi-story building is occupied by several different families. Now living in an apartment becomes a lifestyle and needs of modern society because of the strategic location of the apartment.

In general, the size of the apartment is not as large as a house. Because the apartment is divided into several rooms at once. But the narrow space is not an obstacle for you to be uncomfortable and stay healthy. The trick is to create an apartment to be a healthy place to live without ignoring health standards.

Usually, the apartment has a window in one corner of the room. Windows becomes something very important in a room so that air circulation remains good and not moist. Open the window in a cool time. Lighting is also important in a narrow space. Keep the window open so that the sun can enter the room.

To complete the apartment, you can choose simple furniture. Avoid furniture with carved ornaments because dust can stay in the carvings and over time will become a source of disease. You can also decorate your apartment space with plants. Plants will keep the indoor air fresh. In addition, plants also help improve the air cycle. You should choose plants that are not aggressive so that they are easy to treat. You can hang plants on the bedroom wall, sitting room, corner of the room, in the kitchen, near the window or anywhere you want.

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