31 Best Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

The bedroom is a special room that serves as beds to unwind after your everyday activity. The bedroom also functions as a place to store goods and securities house owner. Viewed from its function, bedroom design cannot be made recklessly.

If you have a daughter who is about to go up, it would be nice if you make your own bedroom. Because in the age of teenage children can already express his opinion alone and choose things that they want. Help your daughter to decorate a bedroom with a way of an inspiring theme of the room versatile. And don’t forget you asked things like your daughter.

Versatile bedroom has many functions such as sleep, learn, chat and play games. Give privacy for your girls to chat with her friends. In addition, you should use minimalist furniture and not excessive. Soft colors could be an option for your child’s bedroom. You can also put a dressing table and mirror in your child’s room, this will create more room more funny considering your teenage daughter.

Not less important is the children’s bedroom wall. For the son of a teenage love wall hangings. The wall becomes a place to channel their talent. Especially if your child does have a talent for graffiti, you can be together to paint the walls with graffiti.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the lighting in the bedroom. You do not use lights that twinkle. It would be nice if you minimize a dark room on a child’s bedroom with enough sunlight from inside or outside the room.

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