19 Creative Ways to Tie a Tie for Men

It’s a sad fact, but there are grown men who don’t know how to tie a tie. If they have a big interview that afternoon, they’ll go shopping for a clip-on. Even if a man does know how to tie a tie, their knowledge is often limited to just one necktie knot.

But there are several ways to tie a tie. Certain necktie knots should be used with certain shirt collars and tie fabric materials to get the best results for your appearance.

Thick ties may require the use of smaller knots, while thin ties may benefit from larger-sized knots. Thin ties also tend be easier to manipulate into more complicated shapes.

Large knots may benefit from the use of longer ties, depending on your height. Finally, the general rule of thumb is that the more complex your knot, the more subtle your tie pattern should be, to avoid any distracting or dizzying results.

It is very important that you should able to make a bow tie easily and know how to wear with different outfits to get a sharp look. Keeping this in mind,this post intends to focus on 3 main parts that deal with everything you need to know about men’s bow tie fashion.


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